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Panther Creek Recording: CD Reviews

Amy and Adams Review

     Loving couples making beautiful music together have always been a joy for me to watch and to listen to. Cases in point; Robert and Lori of Devotion, Armand and Angelina, Dan and Erin of Soul Pajamas and now my newest inspiration, Amy and Mark Adams-Westin of Amy and Adams. There is a joy that pervades their new CD, “Dancing Through Time”, that you can feel is an expression of the joy two people share when living their passion. I’m told too, that much of the loving energy of the CD comes from the beautiful environs of the recording studio where “Dancing” was produced – namely Steve Kuether’s Panther Creek Recording studio near Yellville, Arkansas. Steve engineered and plays piano on most of the recording as well.

     It’s rare for me when I feel like I can really experience the personalities of the artists through their CDs. By the end of this collection, you will really have the feeling that you know these two souls and surprisingly, that you will want to get to know them even better.                                                                                             The songs swing from fun to poignant and are lyrically poetic in the style of true, roots, Folk music. Each of the 11 songs on this disc has its own uniqueness while still maintaining a consistent Folk style and flavor – the sign of great songwriting.

     I was surprised to see after listening that all of the songs were written either by Mark or Amy and not co-written. Their styles are so similar and compliment each other so well that all of the songs sound like they were written by one person. That coupled with their seamless harmonies and perfect vocal blend is the sign of a great collaboration of hearts and talents. Some highlights for me are: “This Day”, one of those rare and refreshing animals, a New Thought New Year’s song, although the way it is worded, it could be sung any day of the year affirming a fresh start from this day on from whatever situation one may be experiencing. “Be Joyful in Your Giving” is a marvelous offertory song with an easy waltz feel that will make you want to join in the melodic chorus. Even the seemingly secular, “Hippies At Heart” a joyful and Gaelic romp, has lots of spiritual underpinnings about our similarities in it’s message and would liven up any church service. Ending with the Johnny Mercer classic, “Dream” is a beautiful finale to a CD of positive and sometimes whimsical messages and melodies.

     When it’s done you’ll have a smile on your face and a tap in your toes. It will leave you wanting only two things, 1) Sheet music to some of the songs so you can perform them in your church and 2) A personal appearance at your ministry by this infectious and talented couple.

Richard Mekdeci - Sound Connection